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All Studio Meeting

Section 01 ALP Demiroglu

Section 02 BENNET Tadashi

Section 03 BC Ahn

Section 04 CAIT McCarthy

Section 05 CARLA De Haro

Section 06 DUNCAN Steele

Section 07 JORDAN Young

Section 08 MOLLY Ma

Section 09 NINA Koscica

Section 10 WENDI Gonzalez

Required Supply List

Staedtler Compass
Architecture Scale
2mm Koh-I-Noor Lead holder
Lead 2MM HB 2PK
Lead 2MM 4H 2PK
Staedtler Rotary Lead pointer
Staedtler Eraser
Mono Eraser -Rectangle
#1 X-ACTO Knife w/safety cap
#11 40pk Blades
Brush Set Flat
Cutting Mat 18x24
Triangle 45/90 12"
Triangle 30/60 12"
C-THRU Graph Ruller
Roll of White Trace
Bristol Pad 11x14 Vellum Surface
Vellum Pad 11X17
Sketchbook Hard Bound 8.5x11
Drafting Tape
Scotch Tape
FW White Acrylic Ink 1oz
Black India Ink 1oz
Acrylic Paint White
Elmer's Glue 4 oz
Glue stick

Course Materials Kit List

70 Page Couse Primer Packet
Reflective Paper
Wood Veneer (*domestic only)
12x18 Coroplast 4mm
10x7 Fresnel Lens
Two Way Mirror Acrylic Sheet
The Language of Architecture