ARCH 1110 Studio - led by prof. Luben Dimcheff - is a foundation course designed to introduce students to ideas, principles, and methods of solving architectural problems
through rigorous process and elaborate visual communication. A sequence of design exercises culminates in a Course project, allowing students to explore and grasp the architectural concepts of space, form and structure.

The Design Studio is based on the importance of making as a way of thinking and discovery, as well as on the notion that drawing is both an analytical and a generative process and Architecture is projected into fruition by the critical and iterative oscillation between the two. These pedagogical principles are fully embraced even as the Course has moved to a virtual format. New media and the incorporation of the moving image has become equally important, as the current 2021 theme explores the relationship and translations between Image, Object and Space.

The experiential quality of architectural space and modes of perception, are contentiously discussed as photography and perspective become instrumental methods of conceptual thought and the creative process.

Instruction is highly personalized to each student, through critiques of individual work-in-progress by assigned faculty members, as well as periodic reviews by invited guest critics of the collective work in groups. An inclusive and collaborative studio atmosphere with students from around the globe is maintained, through advanced multi-media and interactive platforms. Digital and analog modes of work are fully embraced in this new class platform.

A co-requisite Course ARCH 1300 taught by prof. Henry Richardson offers lectures by Cornell faculty and guest speakers that broaden the discourse of the discipline and provide a wider context for the design work produced in Studio.